Industrial Sector

High ROI and customizable solutions to meet difficult industrial requirements.

Each source of industrial water is unique and requires a custom process to deliver clean water consistently on a long-term basis. BioDAF’s engineering, biology, and design teams work together to deliver cost-effective, highly reliable systems for industrial applications. For more than four decades, BioDAF has been providing wastewater solutions to a wide range of industry leaders in the following categories:

Automotive Manufacturing
Waste Management and Landfills (Leachate Processes)
Pharmaceutical Manufacturers
Hotels, Resorts, and Golf Course Developments
Housing Developments
Dairy Operations
Meat Processing
Livestock Operations
Liquor Industry
Soft Drink Industry
Oil & Gas Drilling, Production, and Operations Wastewater Treatment and/or Brine Creation

BioDAF devises, designs, builds, and commissions plants or systems to produce industrial effluent well within compliance of regulatory limits. Industrial contaminants we address include total suspended solids, total dissolved solids, chemical oxygen demand, phosphorus, nitrogen, turbidity, and heavy metals.