Information and frequently asked questions about BioDAF's proprietary patented technology.

Generally, most BioDAF plants can be operational within six months of contracting, subject only to availability of permits.

Absolutely. BioDAF contractually and financially guarantees your plant’s performance as promised, and to environmental regulatory standards as to operation and discharge.

BioDAF clarification involves minimal electrical consumption, minimal moving parts, low maintenance, low operating costs – and is essentially self-cleaning. The system can be fully automated remotely via SCADA.

YES. RFPs, Design-Build invitations, and other processes can be legally structured to allow BioDAF to propose alternative solutions, designs, and tremendous cost savings. It’s best to contact us for a customized assessment, presentation, and discussion PRIOR to initiating specifics of RFPs or Design-Build announcements which would not otherwise allow sufficient submission flexibility. Email or call us early in the problem/need identification cycle!

Yes. BioDAF is pleased to structure straight sales, lease-to-own over variable periods of time, and project finance assistance with grants and applications to other sources. BioDAF can even place smaller, modular, portable/removable plants to initiate wastewater treatment service – upgradable to larger fixed plants when needed.

A BioDAF plant or enhancement should be considered when greater removal efficiencies or an increase in treatment capacity are required. The return activated-sludge from a BioDAF system is several times more concentrated (up to 7% compared to 0.5% dry-basis). This means a higher biomass concentration can be maintained in the aeration tank, thus increasing the plant’s performance and capacity.

A BioDAF municipal plant will use only about 25% to 40% of the land required for
conventional gravity sedimentation plants.

BioDAF can customize treatment regimens that tag contaminants including phosphorus, fats, oils and greases, etc. to minute levels satisfying all regulatory compliance standards. Additionally, typical activated-sludge problems, such as bulking and floating sludge, are easily overcome with a BioDAF system, making it more reliable and easier to control.

With BioDAF, over 99% of suspended solids are removed in 4 minutes – compared to 8-12 hours to remove a typically lower percentage of suspended solids in conventional plants.

BioDAF has been approved for design and construction of its plant systems by the Texas Commission of Environmental Quality (“TCEQ”); BioDAF can handle all permitting, testing, and design work to comply with all other state and federal authorities as individual plants are designed and contracted.

Over 50 worldwide in the past twenty years.

A new wastewater treatment plant built by BioDAF will typically result in savings of 20% to 40%.