BioDAF’s comprehensive turnkey wastewater solutions deliver more reliable, compact, cost effective, and environmentally-friendly water and wastewater treatment facilities.


Our wastewater treatment engineers and plant designers can handle all your projects — from concept through permitting, to construction oversight and operational commissioning. We also work directly with clients’ historical engineering and design firms to plan, create, and implement our advanced systems in the most efficient way possible. The benefits of a BioDAF system are clear from the earliest stages and should be included in RFPs for compliance with standard design/build requirements.

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Saving you real estate, time, and finances, BioDAF provides full construction solutions for all water infrastructure projects. These include new water and wastewater pipe network installations as well as upgrades to existing water, wastewater, and sewer networks.

As a preeminent builder and integrator of dissolved air flotation systems and custom polymer applications in wastewater treatment, our cost-effective and modular solutions are compatible with almost any water system. We can assess your situation and construct the approved design to accommodate future modifications or a gradual transition.

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Achieving operational efficiency and reliability is BioDAF’s goal for all of our projects. Our training for existing wastewater plant staff, detailed regular service, and development of custom polymers as needed help guarantee operational performance and long-term reliability.

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