Developing state-of-the-art technology, we provide custom solutions and unsurpassed results for our clients' very diverse needs. We understand each water problem is unique.


We have wastewater treatment engineers and plant designers who can handle all tasks – from concept through permitting, to construction oversight and operational commissioning. We also work very well directly with clients’ historical engineering and designing firms and relationships to plan, design, and implement our improved systems – and resultant advantages. To comply with standard Design-Build Requests for Proposal, clients should become aware of our cost savings and performance improvements EARLY in any planned process to properly structure RFPs.

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Our team has built more than fifty municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants worldwide – we’re a preeminent builder and integrator of dissolved air flotation systems and custom polymer applications in wastewater treatment. Whether the most cost-effective solution is modular improvement or selective rehabilitation of an existing plant, or construction of a new plant, we can assess the situation and construct the approved design.

We also provide full construction solutions for all water infrastructure projects including new water and wastewater pipe network installations as well as upgrades to existing water, wastewater and sewer networks.

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We provide full training for existing wastewater treatment plant staffing, guaranteed operational reliability and service, custom polymers when appropriate to address specific goals, and more detailed regular service or operational management when needed by the client.

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